Each piece
preserving in bronze
a moment

The belated realisation that our continued existence is dependent upon the health and diversity of the planet’s ecosystem has forced a re-evaluation of our relationship with nature and its relevance to twenty first century art. Ancestors of the San people, thought to be the first artists of Africa, were moved to depict the richness of the wildlife they encountered. Their relationship with nature was based on an intimate practical knowledge and deep respect for the rich African fauna with which they co-existed. Often hauntingly beautiful and artistically accurate, their artwork was inspired by an untainted Africa.

It was this Africa that had a profound influence on a young boy growing up in the Highveld and engendered in Donald Greig a love for its animals and wilderness areas. His work is informed by an intimate knowledge of the behaviour and anatomy of the animals that he sculpts, each piece preserving in bronze a moment in the life and spirit of Africa’s abundant wildlife. Donald has sculpted an extraordinary variety of Africa’s animals and birds, all of which are imbued with his thorough research and attention to detail. Although better known for his representational works, he also creates more stylised pieces, which display the playful and witty side of his creativity.

Donald Greig continues to fulfill commissions that will belong to national and international collections of note, private individuals and major corporations. The breadth and scope of the beautiful collection of bronzes contained on this site is a statement to his great talent as a sculptor.