The Sculptor

Donald Greig had an enchanted childhood, spending much of his time in the bush where he learnt to observe wild creatures in their natural habitats.  His introduction intothe family fine jewellery business gave him an appreciation for the creation of beautiful objects from precious metals and jewels.

His for Africa's wild spaces, and his burgeoning artistic talents, led him from wildlife photography to creating his first sculpture - a tiny elephant for his children.

These three influences - nature and family - find their purest expression in Donald's bronze sculptures.  They are redolent of a glorious past, but also anticipate a future in which our own species will again treasure wild animals as we once did.'

Donald's fascination with authentic casting techniques took him on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the Renaissance Italy.  Here he was ale to study the works of the masters, and witness traditional methods that have been in use for centuries. 

Family holidays with his wife Ali and children Tammy and Nicholas to Italy provide continued inspiration; so too does time in the bush as a quiet witness.

And so a boyhood passion for wildlife and art found expression in the works of a world-renowned sculptor whose pieces give an eloquent voice to vanishing wildlife.

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